Last night, Zinga A. Fraser, Director of the Shirley Chisholm Project at Brooklyn College, gave introductory remarks before last night’s Brooklyn screening of SHIRLEY. Dr. Fraser, who served as a historical advisor for the film, observed that the Congresswoman is too often remembered as a caricature, but the new film offers a powerful portrait of her humanity.

About three years ago, Regina King (who portrayed Shirley Chisholm) and John Ridley (the film’s writer and director) visited the Shirley Chisholm Project Archives at the Brooklyn College Special Collections as part of their years-long collaboration with Dr. Fraser on the film.

Throughout 2024, the Chisholm Project will be celebrating the Congresswoman’s centennial. SHIRLEY, produced by Participant will be released on Netflix on March 22nd. Stay tuned for more news about the film as well as other updates about our upcoming events.

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