Dr. Zinga A. Fraser, Director of the Shirley Chisholm Project at Brooklyn College, worked closely with the filmmakers as the historical consultant for the new biographical film “Shirley.” Produced by Participant Media and streaming on Netflix on March 22nd, “Shirley” tells the story of Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm’s audacious campaign to change U.S. politics. Academy Award-winning actress Regina King stars as Chisholm with John Ridley writing and directing the film.

It was always a little disheartening for Reina and I to have so many people over the years of our lives not know who Shirley Chisholm was,” King says. “What she did was so pioneering. She was a true maverick and, you know, we use this term all the time, but she was a true first

—Regina King to Harper’s Bazaar

In recent years, the historical insight of Dr. Fraser has been sought out by media outlets, for the upcoming monument to Chisholm in Prospect Park, and MCNY exhibit opening in June. The Chisholm’s Project’s work with the makers of “Shirley” represents the latest milestone in our efforts to preserve, promote, and uphold the Congresswoman’s legacy of social change.

Watch the official trailer for the film:

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