Yesterday, the Chisholm Project celebrated the 96th birthday of the Honorable Shirley Chisholm. Today is Giving Tuesday, and we are eager to continue the work of uplifting her name and building upon her legacy. To continue that work, we need your support. 



Your donations will help us to continue our 15+ years of work organizing public events like the following: 

Chisholm Day 2020 will be on December 7th
  •  Shirley Chisholm Day: This year, we have organized a virtual celebration and dialogue. That conversation, “The Future of Black Women’s Political Leadership” will include Prof. Maya Wiley (civil rights attorney and NYC Mayoral Candidate) and Dr. Zinga Fraser (Brooklyn College Professor and Director of the Chisholm Project).
  • Student research projects 
  • Student-led conferences, forums and civic engagement initiatives

We at the Chisholm Project are curators of Shirley Chisholm’s living legacy. Furthermore, we work hard to empower young women and men to follow in the Congresswoman’s footsteps as leaders in the formation of a better world.

Brooklyn College Students and community in attendance at our 50th Anniversary Celebration of Shirley Chisholm’s Election to Congress.

To make a donation, please follow this link to our fundraising page to Giving Tuesday. Please follow these steps to make your donation:

STEP ONE: Go to our fundraising page []

STEP TWO: Press the DONATE button

STEP THREE: Enter in your gift amount, fill out your name, and specify your donation preferences. Press NEXT.

STEP FOUR:  Enter in your full name, credit card info and address. Press NEXT. 

STEP FIVE: Confirm your gift by designating it to the Shirley Chisholm Project and identifying your affiliation.

It is very important that at this stage, you specify that you want your gift to support THE SHIRLEY CHISHOLM PROJECT at the bottom of the page. Either is acceptable. STEP 6: Once you have designated your gift to THE SHIRLEY CHISHOLM PROJECT, submit your donation and receive confirmation. 

Thank you for your support.

Dr. Sonia Sanchez and Dr. Zinga Fraser (center) with members of the Brooklyn Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta at our 50th Anniversary Celebration of Chisholm’s Election to Congress (2018)

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