As part of our day-long anniversary celebration on Shirley Chisholm’s election to Congress, the Chisholm Project is inviting a panel of renowned experts in study and practice of Black women’s politics. Our panelists will include:

Dr. Nadia Brown of Purdue University

Dr. Christina Greer of Fordham University

Ms. Monica Dennis, Co-Founder of Move to End Violence and Regional Coordinator of Black Lives Matter NYC

Dr. Niambi Carter of Howard University

These activists and scholars will join us on Chisholm Day for our roundtable discussion on “The State of Black Women’s Politics.” 

Together, these strategists and scholars will delve into the promise and perils that face Black women in 2018 as they follow in Chisholm’s footsteps as catalysts for change in the political system and broader society. The panel will take place at 11 am in the Gold Room of the Brooklyn College Student Center

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