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Shirley Chisholm Spotlighted In PBS’ ‘The Contenders: 16 For ’16’

Last night the new PBS docu-series, PBS’ ‘The Contenders: 16 For ’16’ premiered spotlighting Shirley Chisholm’s presidential run in 1972. The series aims to show viewers the distinct techniques each candidate represented but in hindsight shared similar approaches.

Shirley Chisholm ran for the highest office in 1972, unfortunately her run ended in defeat. Chisholm not only showed the world what she had to offer but what all women had to offer in the political sphere. Her run was symbolic for African Americans hoping to run of office to women who thought running was just an after thought never to come to fruition.

Shirley Chisholm shook the political sphere as the “unbossed unbought” candidate who strived to give the people someone they can trust, someone they knew would represent them and ultimately fight for. Her message a “catalyst for change” still resonates with her supporters, giving them hope in everything they strive for in life.

Check out the Vibe article discussing the premiere!

If you happened to miss the episode you can view it here.

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