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Brooklyn Historical Society Acquires Activist Mark Naison’s Papers

The Shirley Chisholm Project would like to announce Mark Naison's record of a lifetime of activism will be deposited in the Brooklyn Historical Society Archives this summer. Professor Naison's life work spans involvement with many important organizations and movements, from Columbia CORE and SDS in the 60's, to the 40 plus years of work building Black Studies at Fordham College, to Bronx initiatives including Sports for the People and Save a Generation, to his fifteen years coaching and running sports programs in Brooklyn for the St. Saviour's/78 PCT Youth Council, to his more recent advocacy for the Occupy Movement and education activism. The Chisholm Project applauds the career of Professor Naison, which also includes the authorship of three books. Please visit his blog to read more from him! Congratulations, Mark!



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