Read here for an inspirational story from East Stroudsburg (PA) University about this year's recipient of The Shirley Chisholm Award. It is just one example of how Chisholm's legacy continues to influence and flourish. Chisholm received and honorary doctorate of public service from East Stroudsburg in 1991. In that year, she helped to present the first recipient of the Shirley Chisholm Award at the commencement ceremony. The award is meant to honor female graduates “who, like Shirley Chisholm, are dedicated to academic excellence, are sensitive to issues of social justice, and committed to activism.” This year the honor goes to, Meryl Ironson on behalf of her work with children in Chester, Pennsylvania and in South Africa. The Shirley Chisholm project would like to extend a warm congratulations to Ms. Ironson. Keep up the good fight!

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