“I am, was, and always will be a catalyst for change.” –Shirley Chisholm


On this day in 1924, a catalyst for change was born in Brooklyn. She was born to working-class Afro-Caribbean migrants. From a very young age, Shirley Anita St. Hill was determined to make a difference in her community and throughout the world. 

Today, we remember Shirley Chisholm for her decades of service and her lifetime of work transforming the world around her. There are few areas of our lives that she has not touched in some way. Much of her influence on the social and political world remains uncovered to this day. And that is why we continue our work at the Chisholm Project. 

The Chisholm Project  has been at the vanguard of the campaign to bring Chisholm’s name out of obscurity and into the forefront of public discourse, where she belongs. We hold the largest repository of documents and oral histories on Shirley Chisholm. We are also a leader in connecting Shirley Chisholm’s legacy to the fights she championed as they persist today. Under the current leadership of our Director , Dr. Zinga Fraser the Chisholm continues to curate Chisholm legacy through her work in national and international media outlets , museums/ public work installations and academic institutions to bring to life Chisholm ‘s legacy of empowerment. Say Happy Birthday to Shirley Chisholm with a donation to the Chisholm Project.

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