As part of The Chisholm Project's dedication to the support of teachers , we would like to highlight the Harlem Project, a teaching tool created by graduates of The University at Albany SUNY's secondary education master's program.┬áDavid Brown, Nathan Farrell, and Jonathan Glisson graduated in 2007 and put together this project to promote primary and secondary sources in the classroom. Their project's site states, “We want our students to think like historians and come to conclusions based on their own interpretations of history.”

For the Harlem Project, Brown, Farrell and Glisson compiled information on Shirley Chisholm, Hamilton Fish and Langston Hughes. They've provided links within the Project's site for each of these prominent figures as well as lesson plans that require students to interpret and analyze the documents. Please check out the site and especially the section on Shirley Chisholm!


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