July 4, 2012

Brooklyn Magazine named Shirley Chisholm #5 in their 100 greatest Brooklynites of all time. She's next to Woody Allen, Woody Guthrie, Jackie Robinson and Walt Whitman.

Here's why:

While Chisholm’s name is certainly not as prominent as her fellow top ten great Brooklynites, her real-world accomplishments are as significant as any. Chisholm was a trailblazer: in 1968 she became the first black woman to be elected to the United States Congress, and was the first African-American to seek her party’s nomination for president. In the 1972 Democratic Primary she survived three assassination attempts, taking the courage of her convictions just about as far they’d go, a lesson in resolve that resonates still. Throughout her career, Chisholm was a passionate and tireless voice for those less fortunate, and most certainly left Brooklyn—and the world—a far better place than when she found it.

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