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Shirley Chisholm Project November Events

Director Zinga Fraser to Give Keynote Speech at Brooklyn Historical Society

Director Zinga Fraser to speak at the Tenement Museum on November 9th!

Save The Date Shirley Chisholm Day 2016

Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson Dies at 50 After Battle With Cancer

Introducing the New Director of The Shirley Chisholm Project Zinga Fraser!

Shirley Chisholm Spotlighted In PBS’ ‘The Contenders: 16 For ’16’

Announcing Director of the Chisholm Project Keynote Panelists at – Beyond Left and Right: What is “Women’s Politics”?

Congratulations Hillary Clinton!

Kennetta Hammond Perry On Photographer Harry Jacobs

Kennetta Hammond Perry On The Arrival of the Migrants

Kennetta Hammond Perry Afro-American Caribbean Migrants

Kennetta Hammond Perry On The Arrival of The Windrush Movement

Robin Kelley: Shirley Chisholm Paved The Way

Robin Kelley: Jessie Jackson’s Platform Is Based On The Principles Of Shirley Chisholm


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