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On Chisholm’s 97th Birthday & Giving Tuesday 2021, Support the Work of the Chisholm Project!

This year, Giving Tuesday falls on the same day as Hon. Shirley Chisholm’s 97th birthday. As we celebrate her life of activism, public service, civic education and scholarship, the Chisholm Project would like your support in promoting and preserving her legacy. The Chisholm Project has a lot planned in 2022, and we would appreciate your support!

OUR MISSION: Under the leadership of Dr. Zinga Fraser, the Shirley Chisholm Project is the leading consultant source of information pertaining to the ideas, politics and impact of Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm. Based at CUNY Brooklyn College, the Project has worked for 15+ years to generate a public consciousness of Chisholm’s legacy and provide insight into current events based on her political vision. We promote and curate a living legacy of Congresswoman Chisholm through student civic and leadership programming, original scholarship and educational events such as our annual Chisholm Day Celebration. We have recently launched  social media campaigns in support of racial, gender and socio-economic justice.

OUR RECENT WORK: The Project’s Director, Dr. Zinga A. Fraser has been working tirelessly to bring Shirley Chisholm’s name, her political vision and her humanist philosophy to the fore of public and scholarly conversations about social justice and political change in the United States.

Last year, Dr. Fraser was consulted and interviewed by CBS and NBC following Kamala Harris’ historic nomination and election for the Vice-Presidency.

WATCH: Dr. Fraser on CBS New York

Dr. Fraser on WNBC New York

That year, the Chisholm Project also co-sponsored the Women of CUNY Candidates Forum, which highlighted five women of color who graduated from CUNY who are now running for office in NYC.

For Chisholm Day 2020, the Chisholm Project organized a virtual discussion between Dr. Fraser and NYC Mayoral Candidate Maya Wiley Esq. on “The Future of Black Women’s Political Leadership”


[Dr. Fraser (above) and civil rights attorney/activist Maya Wiley (right) engaged in a discussion on  Chisholm’s legacy]



In January 2021: Dr. Fraser served as a panelist for the Shirley Chisholm Cultural Institute’s celebration of Chisholm’s presidential campaign announcement.For International Women’s Day 2021: Dr. Fraser joined Congresswoman Barbara Lee and Higher Heights for America in a virtual discussion to honor Shirley Chisholm on International Women’s Day


In March 2021: Dr. Fraser was recognized with the Scholar-Activist award during the Caribbean Research Center’s 2021 Shirley Chisholm Conference at Medgar Evers College.




This year, Dr. Fraser also served as expert consultant and contributor to the History Channel documentary “Shirley Chisholm: A Groundbreaking Legacy”.



Dr. Fraser and the Chisholm Project continue to serve as leading historical consultants for emerging projects and exhibits examining the life and legacy of Congresswoman Chisholm.


2022 will mark the 50th Anniversary of Shirley Chisholm’s insurgent presidential campaign. We are planning a number of discussions, research projects, new oral histories and public forums to commemorate this monumental year—including, but not limited to—Chisholm Day 2022. To continue our work as an organization dedicated to historical consultancy, community education, student engagement and new research, we rely on the support of friends and community members who value the Congresswoman’s legacy as much as we do.


  • Continue our annual Chisholm Day Celebration.
  • Organize other public discussions and forums pertaining to Chisholm’s political vision and social legacy.
  • Expand and maintain the Shirley Chisholm Archive and Oral History Project.
  • Continue our Social Media Campaigns on racial equity and gender justice issues.
  • Support student research and civic engagement around Chisholm’s ideas and legacy.

We urge you to donate in her memory. Follow these steps to contribute to our Giving Tuesday fundraiser for 2021:

STEP ONE: Go to our fundraising page []

STEP TWO: Press the DONATE button

STEP THREE: Enter in your gift amount, fill out your name, and specify your donation preferences. Press NEXT.

STEP FOUR:  Enter in your full name, credit card info and address. Press NEXT. 

STEP FIVE: Confirm your gift by designating it to the Shirley Chisholm Project and identifying your affiliation.

It is very important that at this stage, you specify that you want your gift to support THE SHIRLEY CHISHOLM PROJECT at the bottom of the page. Either is acceptable. STEP 6: Once you have designated your gift to THE SHIRLEY CHISHOLM PROJECT, submit your donation and receive confirmation. 

Thank you for your support!

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