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The 50th Anniversary of the Assassination of Medgar Evers

In solemn remembrance of Medgar Evers, The Chisholm Project would like to share this message from Brooklyn College President, Karen Gould:


Dear Brooklyn College community,

Today our flags and all those across CUNY are lowered in recognition of the 50th anniversary of the assassination of civil rights leader Medgar Evers, commemorating his legacy as a major figure in the struggle for civil rights and human dignity in our country.  It is important that we remember on this day the courage and the righteousness of Medgar Evers, a man who challenged those who denied him entry to the University of Mississippi Law School, who refused to be intimidated by assassination attempts, and who tirelessly organized for the right of black people to vote.  His actions of a half-century ago remain relevant today and most worthy of our collective remembrance.


President Karen L. Gould

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